Progressive Thermal Engineering  
Progressive Thermal Engineering provides a comprehensive range of services for the following types of heat exchanger:


 shell and tube heat exchangers            
     air-cooled heat exchangers            
     firetube waste heat boilers            
     steam surface condensers            
Thermal Engineering Services  

We are able to provide thermal models for the above for the purposes of design, simulation and troubleshooting. Where our HTRI software is unable to provide applicable models, custom software/calculations can be provided. Assistance can also be provided for the understanding of problems related to thermal performance, such as fouling and vibration.

Progressive Thermal Engineering is experienced in the use of enhanced heat transfer techniques and can provide advice on the application of extended surfaces, tube inserts and advanced shell/baffle geometries.
Mechanical Engineering Services  
PTE provides mechanical engineering services in relation to heat exchanger design, maintenance, inspection and repair. We have particular skills in the resolution of mechanical problems related to heat transfer and fluid flow conditions, such as vibration, corrosion/erosion, fouling and thermal cycling.
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